CNC-production for the jewelry industry

Our CNC-service is aimed specifically at jewelry manufacturers and designers.
Our offer for your jewelry and collections:
Production, construction and design of components and assemblies for your jewelry.
Whether individual pieces or series parts, our factory is ideally equipped for your jewelry.
We guarantee outstanding quality at a reasonable price-performance ratio.


Our Services

We manufacture the following parts for you:

  • Sheet Metal Cut-Outs
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Clasps
  • Logos, Emblems
  • Settings
  • Earrings
  • and more

Choose from the following materials:

  • Gold Alloys
  • Silver Alloys
  • Platinum Alloys
  • Hyceram®

We offer these manufacturing processes:

  • Drilling, Milling, Multi-Sided Machining
  • 3D Free-Form Machining
  • Engraving and Pointing
  • 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling
  • Turning and Turn-Milling

In the processing examples shown above, you see a pendant that has been milled from sheet silver. It is clearly visible that even small details are possible, and the contours are produced precisely. You can also see variants of a bracelet. These were turned from a workpiece. The cut-off settings were milled before the logo was engraved. The superior quality of the logo engraving is clearly visible compared to laser engraving.

Little Masterpieces

Your Benefits

Accuracy enables details and function in the design.

High precision is essential for components that are intended to fulfill a crucial technical function in the final product, such as hinges, fittings and fasteners. This precision can often only be achieved by machining, which is not only cost-effective but also delivers repeatable results. Select our premium components to ensure that your product meets the highest quality standards.

Save time during subsequent processing.

Thanks to machining techniques, we can achieve an extraordinarily high surface quality. This enables us to supply components that are ready for use. This premium craftsmanship enables us to minimize or even completely eliminate tedious manual touch-ups such as removing ridges or polishing. Select our premium products and benefit from exceptional surface quality.

Our Expertise

Special procedures for the processing of your parts with coating and ceramic enamel are our area of expertise. We are particularly experienced in the manufacturing of suitable enamel inlays on partly complex geometric surfaces and shapes, as they often occur in jewelry production. Delivery and provision of parts or materials is possible, but not necessary. We have our own manufacturing facilities including precious metal supply.


Features of our products:

  • Clean, sharp outlines. High contrast at the area where the metal meets the colored material. Laser cutting or casting creates imperfections (“crocodile teeth”) along the edge, which are visible even without a magnifying glass. Engraving or milling, like we do, produces clean and sharp edges that significantly enhance the appearance of the final product.
  • Freedom of design. It is possible to create a variety of cut-outs and engravings for enamel inlays. Different 3D and 2D shapes and structures are possible here. Furthermore, surfaces, reliefs (including multi-level) and guilloches can be realized. This means numerous options are available for implementing individual design ideas and creating unique enamel inlays.
  • Even enamel inlays. The enamel inlay is always of high quality and evenly depth, making it ideal for the enameling process. The undercut edges of the enamel inlays ensure that the lacquer, enamel or other coatings can be firmly embedded and remain in place even under heavy use.

The bracelet shown above were turned from the ceramic material Hyceram®. This was followed by the seamless engraving of a three-level pocket on the perimeter of the bracelets. Next, the base of the pockets was sprayed with a pearl effect lacquer and filled with clear cold enamel. Finally, the surfaces were diamond cut to achieve a brilliant finish.

THE Alternative

Custom precious metal sheet cutting is as affordable and simple as t-shirt printing!

You need exclusive precious metal cuttings in small quantities for your final products? We are experts in custom cuts with clean, sharp contours. We focus on turning rectangular metal sheets into complex shapes such as stars, hearts or free forms. An end to manual cutting – we guarantee time and material efficiency.

Individuelle Blechformen_800x533
The premium alternative
to casting.

Ideal for thin/flat parts from 0.2 mm!

  • Eliminates expensive manual work, removal of cast skin, etc.
  • All the benefits of rolled sheet metal
  • Save material (no sprue, allows finer shapes)
The alternative to punching for
small and medium quantities.

Minimum order quantity only 1 piece!

  • Avoid expensive tool expenses
  • Variants and changes are possible anytime
  • No long development times
The alternative to manual sawing & cutting on the work board.

Save expensive labor hours!

  • Material saving
  • More delicate shapes are possible
  • Higher precision

About Us


Schwarzer Schmucktechnik GmbH stands for jewelry-enthusiastic CNC operators. As a well-established family-owned business, we reliably realize our customers’ wishes. We run CNC machines that have been developed (partly by ourselves) for the special requirements and needs of precious metal processing. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop individual designs and customized solutions. We are proud of our customers, whose pieces of jewelry are highly appreciated worldwide. Our customers appreciate the high quality and Swabian ingenuity behind every single piece. At Schwarzer Schmucktechnik GmbH, we strive to further expand our position as a leading manufacturer of high-quality CNC-manufactured precious metal products and to provide our customers with unique and unforgettable works of art.

Let us bring your ideas to life together and turn your jewelry into something truly exceptional!